Piling and Underpinning

Piling and Underpinning

We specialize in bottom-driven steel cased piles.

The aim of underpinning is to stabilize foundations in order to prevent further subsidence.We are also able to do open trench piling for new buildings. Our strength lies in being able to get into places other piling systems find difficult to access.

Our Piling and Underpinning Method
There are a number of different methods of piling and underpinning. Our system is a bottom-driven steel cased piling system.

We use a pneumatic mole/air hammer to push the steel pipe into the ground until it reaches refusal (or adequate levels of friction in areas where reaching refusal is not feasible). The pipe is then filled with concrete and reinforcing which can be tied into the foundations of the building.

Our system is ideally suited for buildings with an access problem for larger machinery as we need very little room in which to work. We are also able to do open trench piling or underpinning.


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